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Sean Corbett is a Glasgow based Camera Operator and Steadicam Owner/Operator working internationally with experience in dramas, commercials, music videos and feature films.

Having always had a passion for camera movement he enjoys the collaborative process of using technical expertise to bring creative ideas to the screen.

Working with a large range of camera/lens setups he is also trained in operating the Arri Trinity hybrid camera stabiliser.

Full UK driving licence and own van.

Creeper FOB BTS.jpg


GPI PRO Modular Steadicam Sled System

GPI PRO Titan Arm

4x Blue Spring Canisters

4x Black Spring Canisters

Transvideo HD6 Monitor

TB-6 Monitor (Spare)

Blackmagic Video Assist Monitor

Tiffen Master Vest

PRO Vest (Spare)

Betz Wave-1

Kenyon KS-6 + KS-8 Gyro Kit

Garfield Vehicle Mount

American Stand + Docking Bracket

2x Sunbounce Wind-killers

Adicam Standard Film Cart

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