Sean Corbett is a Glasgow based Camera Operator and Steadicam Owner/Operator working internationally with experience in dramas, commercials, music videos and feature films.

Having always had a passion for camera movement he enjoys the collaborative process of using technical expertise to bring creative ideas to the screen.

Working with a large range of camera/lens setups he is also trained in operating the Arri Trinity hybrid camera stabiliser.

Full UK driving licence and own vehicle.

Diary Service - Suz Cruz North

Creeper FOB BTS.jpg


GPI PRO Modular Steadicam Sled System

GPI PRO Titan Arm

4x Blue Spring Canisters

4x Black Spring Canisters

Transvideo HD6 Monitor

TB-6 Monitor (Spare)

Blackmagic Video Assist Monitor

Tiffen Master Vest

PRO Vest (Spare)

Betz Wave-1

Kenyon KS-6 + KS-8 Gyro Kit

Garfield Vehicle Mount

American Stand + Docking Bracket

2x Sunbounce Wind-killers

Adicam Standard Film Cart